Pet Wellbeing Throat Gold For Dogs - Natural Herbal Cough, Throat And Respirator

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Pet Wellbeing Throat Gold for Dogs - Nat
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Pet Wellbeing
Pet Wellbeing
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Pet Wellbeing Throat Gold for Dogs - Nat
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Pet Wellbeing Throat Gold for Dogs - Natural Herbal Cough, Throat and Respiratory Support for Canines - 2 oz (59ml)


Product Description

From irritating to alarming, a dog’s cough is a symptom of something else going on with his or her health. Even if it seems minor at first, your dog's cough can persist for a long time and even cause trouble breathing. A persistent cough or an infection can cause your dog unnecessary pain and irritation in the throat. In this case you can help your dog find some soothing throat relief. Of course, a dog's cough is never an illness in itself. Rather it’s a sign of something else that can range from any of the following:

  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Bronchitis
  • Dog collar too tight / leash strain
  • Exposure to airborne irritants like cigarette smoke
  • Infectious disease

Quite often, animals who have stayed in areas with poor ventilation, feel stressed out (ie. during travel or after a move), or are exposed to irritants may have less ability to fight infections. Some dogs can suffer from a collapsed trachea, which is a relatively common disease that causes chronic coughing and other symptoms. Another possibility is that your dog is suffering from kennel cough or a similar respiratory ailment.

But, what exactly is kennel cough?

Also called Bordetella, kennel cough is a highly contagious upper respiratory ailment found in dogs. It is common among dogs that spend a lot of time in close quarters: kennels, dog shows, grooming salons, etc. Beyond causing respiratory problems, kennel cough can weaken your dog's immune system and make him or her more prone to infection. You can help prevent kennel cough (or other canine respiratory diseases) by not letting your dog share toys, food, or water with other unknown dogs.

What is Throat Gold?

Throat Gold is an herbal formula that supports the tissues of the throat and the entire upper respiratory tract of dogs. As mentioned, a chronic cough in dogs can cause irritation and pain in the throat. As a strong support for dogs' upper respiratory tracts, these hand selected herbs promote healthy respiration and immunity specific to the throat's tissue surface. These herbs can also naturally soothe and calm throat irritation and inflammation.

What is Throat Gold used for?

Throat Gold effectively works to maintain healthy tissues in the throat and respiratory tract and eases discomfort. Throat Gold can help support the immune response to infection in your dog. Collapsing trachea cough, respiratory infection, and kennel cough can all be frightening things to manage. Help your pup maintain normal throat comfort and immunity. Throat Gold can also be used for hoarseness of the throat for any reason, including leash strain.

All-Natural Pet Care Thanks To Cutting-Edge Science, Herbal Remedies, and Traditional Medicine

The Team of Experts Behind Pet Wellbeing Formulas

With a combined total of 100+ years in veterinary research and practice, our hand-picked team of renowned professors and veterinarians inform and perfect each Pet Wellbeing product.

Our Board of Advisers includes:

  • Dr. Huntingford - DVM, Private Practice
  • Dr. Medina - DVM, Private Practice
  • Dr. Wakshlag - DVM, Cornell University
  • Dr. Shmalberg - DVM, University of Florida

Why Choose Pet Wellbeing Throat Gold for Your Dog?

Created by Veterinarians & Clinical Herbalists

To fulfill our vision, our on-staff holistic veterinarians have developed the Throat Gold formula using time-honored, traditional uses of herbs, fully integrated with the latest scientific research. Each botanical ingredient is individually extracted, preserving the full biochemical spectrum of the herbs to ensure maximum potency of the final product. Each ingredient in Throat Gold offers unique properties to support your dog’s natural, healthy functionality:

  • Wild Cherry bark: This peeled and dried bark of the cherry tree is ideal for sore and tired lungs from the effort of coughing.
  • Mullein leaf: These leaves contain mucilage, an important herbal component for breaking up mucus and soothing irritation in the throat
  • Usnea thallus: Also called "Old Man's Beard", this herb supports immunity and works to fight viral and bacterial infections in the throat tissues.
  • Pelargonium root: This root’s properties for lung health and lung immunity have been traditionally used for many years.
  • Hyssop herb: Soothing the trachea and larynx, this herb is useful for comforting hoarseness due to leash strain and even a collapsing trachea.
  • Slippery Elm bark: This bark contains high amounts of mucilage and is used for soothing the mucous membranes of the throat.
  • Licorice root: This commonly used root supports the immune system while also providing direct soothing properties for the throat and lungs.
  • Baikal Skullcap root: This root has the ability to support the nervous system and provide a calming effect, while maintaining immunity in the lungs.
Extra Breed Breed Breed Breed
Serving Size 1 - 10 lb. 10 - 20 lb. 20 - 30 lb. 30 - 40 lb. 40 - 50 lb. +50 lb.
Dosage (twice a day) 5 Drops 10 Drops 15 Drops 20 Drops 25 Drops Try Our 4 oz Version
Bottle Will Last ~4 Months ~2 Months ~40 Days ~30 Days ~21 Days

What Makes Pet Wellbeing The Best Choice For Your Dog

Founded in 2001, Pet Wellbeing has made it our goal to bring the wisdom and experience of our caring holistic veterinarians to your pet. When your pet is healthy, you're happy.

Pet Wellbeing was built by caring professionals who want to provide other pet owners with options and valuable information. As pet owners ourselves, we know the difficulty that comes with caring for a pet who isn't well. Weighing options between different treatments can be confusing, even overwhelming. Of course, we want our customers to find value in our products, but we would rather provide you with the best information to make the right choice for your pet.

To help pet owners make the best choices for their pet's health we ensure that our products will always provide:

  • Organic and Ethically Wild-Harvested Herbs: Each Pet Wellbeing formula is prepared entirely from organically grown and selectively wild-harvested herbs
  • Good Manufacturing Practices: All of our formulas are manufactured in a facility that adheres to Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Full-Spectrum Extracts: The full biochemical spectrum of the herbs is preserved to ensure potency of the final product
  • Thorough Testing: All raw materials are tested for identification and purity at an FDA-registered facility, and every final batch is tested to ensure the highest quality. Every single batch!
  • FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine Guidelines: We comply with the provisions of the CVM's practices for pet dietary supplements. All ingredients and caution statements adhere to these guidelines

Pet Wellbeing Core Values

Our products contain no secret ingredients, no harmful chemicals, and no hidden pharmaceuticals. To ensure that nothing could cause your pet any harm, we only use the highest quality, all-natural ingredients when formulating our supplement products.

Pet Wellbeing Core Values

We see helping your pet as our privilege and responsibility. To us, all pets are special and deserve the best care possible. We go to great lengths to ensure your furry family member receives a quality product that exceeds your expectations every single time.

Pet Wellbeing Core Values

When ordering products for the health of your beloved pets we know that time is of the essence. We want our customers to feel supported from the moment they first consider the Pet Wellbeing option. From browsing our products to receiving your delivery, you will experience the caring and timely service we strive to provide to all of our customers.

Pet Wellbeing Core Values

Every product we produce has been created with nature in mind, so that we can leave a better world for the people and pets of tomorrow. Not only are our products all-natural, but we are an environmentally-conscious company who takes pride in being as green as possible. This also means that any wild ingredients we use are strictly ethically harvested.

Quality Assured

Pets Are Our Priority

Impeccable Service

Naturally All-Natural

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